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What is SmartDNS?

SmartDNS is a brand new technology, which enables users to work across the geographic limitations positioned on specific content that is on-line. Particularly, on account of the rapid speeds, it’s advantageous for anyone wanting to get streaming media content that’s normally blocked to them. Common examples include Amazon Instant Video Netflix and Youtube.

To Virtual Private Networks, SmartDNS may be compared in a variety of ways, as both allow it to be seem as if their web action is coming from elsewhere and confuse a user’s accurate place. For example, someone in the united kingdom could use SmartDNS to allow it to be seem like they have been in the United States, getting access – content in the procedure.

Nevertheless, SmartDNS and VPN technology also differs in several methods and these differences mean that neither technology is always „better“ than the other – they’re only useful in various scenarios.

The way that it Works

Basically, SmartDNS works by rerouting the DNS queries of a device to your server in a different area of the whole world. In this, the actual place of the apparatus is hidden and its own web traffic was designed to seem as if it’s coming from that server. This, consequently, unblocks content that’s normally only open to folks because area of the entire world.

Many SmartDNS products out there possess several servers that are distinct, based in various states around the world. What this means is that users can select which state they would like to seem like they’ve been in. Users can access services from all around the globe by transforming area.

Although VPN technology and SmartDNS is comparable, there really are several differences involving them both. VPNs are mainly geared towards on-line anonymity and security and provide encryption, in addition to solitude. All user traffic is routed to make sure privacy, yet this means local sites can not become accessible.

As traffic isn’t encrypted SmartDNS will not supply the exact same degree of security as well as a user’s IP address doesn’t transform. If you want to access VR Porn websites for example, but pornography is fobidden in your country – SmartDNS doesnt protect you through encryption. Nevertheless, this ensures like it’s with a VPN that net speed isn’t hit. Also, just traffic that is useful is rerouted, meaning local sites stay reachable as well as other browsing is not totally affected.

Supported Services and Devices

SmartDNS provides an extensive array of compatibility when it comes to operating systems and devices, mainly because of the fact no applications is needed. Set Up is comparatively straightforward and most SmartDNS products offer support for Macs, PCs, Smart TVs, games consoles, tablet computers, smartphones, routers and much more.

A SMARTDNS Service can be used by you with one of these devices:

iPod, Panasonic, Sony, Wii, Xbox 360, Boxee, Wii U, NOW TV Carton, Kindle Fire, Phillips, iPad, Sharp, Android, Playstation 3, LG, Toshiba, Google TV, Xbox One, Western Digital, Roku, Playstation 4, iPhone, PS Vita, Samsung, Apple TV, Chromecast, Browsers, , Win Telephone 8, Amazon Fire TV

This streaming services change from product to product and support is needed for the rerouting to occur. Common services Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Youtube, Hulu, BBC Pandora and iPlayer. Some SmartDNS services offer support for sports services and social media websites.

A real big comparison of SmartDNS Services can be found on the website BestSmartDNS.

SmartDNS or VPN?

In order to help clarify the differences between VPN and SmartDNS services, some scenarios demanding use of VPN or SmartDNS are given below. Each scenario is followed by means of an explanation of which service is suitable for that specific goal.

As I believe it provides a better choice of movies and TV shows to see, I reside in britain, but need in order to gain access to the US Netflix area.

In this case,f SmartDNS would be more valuable than a VPN. This can be because SmartDNS is intended for streaming media as well as the speed loss related to a VPN may make it unsuitable.

So that you can download music, movies and TV shows free of charge, I am interested in being capable of making good use of P2P software.

Because of the reality that downloads of the nature are not legal, a VPN would be best-suited for this particular goal, as anonymity and the encryption would make sure your action is seen by your ISP cannot. Nevertheless, it is vital that you simply check that the VPN supplier allows filesharing on their servers, as they not all will allow this.

I want in order to look at the BBC iPlayer and reside in the US, based in britain. Yet, I wish to be able enough to gain access to US content that is local .

So that you can realize these two things is needed. This will definitely make sure that DNS queries are rerouted when you try to gain access to the BBC iPlayer, but your regular browsing will stay unaffected. A VPN allows you to get BBC iPlayer, but you’ll have to avoid utilizing the service to gain access to content that is local.

I would like to make use of them, although I reside in a state where access to social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter is blocked.

Although some SmartDNS services offer support for Facebook and Twitter, a VPN is probably a safer alternative in this case, as it is going to safeguard you and ensure your social networking posts can’t be traced back.

Everything you can unblock using a Smart DNS Supplier:

Marvel, Zattoo, bbc iplayer, turntable, pandora,, Star Sports, Lovefilm, wwe, Crackle Crunchy Roll, NBA tv, ten, the Food Network, NIckelodeon, ABC Family, comparison, Google Play, geo, AOL TV, Channel 4, tsn sports, , netflix, MLS, smart dns, DMAX, Animal Planet, MTV, MOG, Televisa, tbs, UTV, TCM, Considerably, Sky Italia, ABC, Frane 2 / 3/ 4/ 5 and France TV, Bravo, History Channel, RDE, Hulu Plus,, Vudu, CityTV, ten sport, itv, Cartoon Network, Spotify, T20, Maximum GO, Comedy Central, The CW, International, PlayOn, CBC Television, MLB, BlinkBox, Universal Sports, Amazon Instant Video, CBS, Channel 5, place, review, bypass, S4C, Wat, Australian OPen, ARTE, STV, Dramafever, Speed, nhl, Discovery, Large Pond Video, Syfy, CTV, Canal, Now TV, Natrional Geographical, USA network, HGTV, cbbc, Rhapsody, vpn, Adult Swim, Spike TV, BeIN Sports, HBO, A&E, Showtime, Al Jazeera Sports, AMC High Definition, Are TV, UFC, Deezer, Disney Channel, FX, 3, BET Networks, Sky Go uk, Bloomberg, NFL direct, Sportsnet,, FOX, PBS, VH1